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DOMINGO 4- 10- 87 A B C 49 OnOctober 4 th, 1887, ¡James Gordon J Bennett, Jr. launched the Eurppean editionof HisNew York Herald. The París Herald, as it soon became known, rapidly gained wide acceptance and, f rom its París base, the newspaper was distributed throughout the capitals of Europe, with 200 copies a day even going to the court of the Czar in St. Petersbürg. It was the first truly international publication. Today, the International Herald Tribune continúes to lead the way. Now owned by The New York Times, The Washington Post and Whitney Communications Compa ny, and still based in París, the IHT is printed in nine world centers and distributed in 164 countries. FACSIMll LOCATIONS: PARÍS Today October ig intemational publishing is one hundred years oíd Hague, Zurich, Marseille, Rome, Hong Kong, Singapore and Miami- -with Tokyo on the way. The IHT s computerized newsroom is one of the most modern in the world. Editorial Excellence A Special Audience The IHT reaches a worldwide audience essentially composed of the leadership community in international business and government. It is affluent (average income: $82,700; one in ten readers is a millionaire) educa ted (86 hold university degrees) and influential (42 %o ccupy sénior management positions) And it is globally- minded, a worldwide community of readers whose concerns and curiosities transcend national borders. Drawing on the incomparable resources of its owning newspapers, as well as its own reporting staff and the major news services, the International Herald Tribune publishes a compact, innovative and insightful overview of world news six days a week. Its editorial pages reflect a wide range of opinión from renowned columnists, scholars and political leaders. As a matter of absolute principie, news is strictly separated from commentary. Our Century Our World 11O NG- KONG MNGAPORf. Pioneering Technology From the start, the Herald was at the forefront of technical innovation. Under Bennett s leadership, the paper introduced the linotype to Europe; it was the first to use wireless telegraphy for news dispatches. The Herald also pioneered newspaper distribu tion by automobüe and laterbyairplane. Today, the International Herald Tribune continúes in this tradition. It was the first newspaper to use faesimile transmission internationally andis today printed simultaneouslv in París, London, The To mark its one hundredth anniversary, the International Herald Tribune hasjust published a very special 160- page color magazine. Our Century Our World is a thoughtf ul, elegant look at the last one hundred years in words and pictures, with contributions from some of the world s leading writers. If you would like to receive a copy of this handsome magazine, which is rapidly becoming a collector s item, please write (enclosing $10 or equivalent) to: Centennial Magazine at the address below. Círculatíon Growth The IHTs circulation has grown steadily in recent years, reaching an average of 170,000 in calendar year 1986. Subscribers in most world capitals can now get same morning delivery: contact your local IHT office or the París address for further details. 181, Avenue Charles- de- Gaulle 92521 Neuilly Cedex París, France Tel. (1) 46 37 93 OOTelex: 613595 Fax: (33- 1) 46 37 93 70 The Global Newspaper Bringing the world s most important news to the world s most important audience.